August 12, 2019 – September 8, 2019 all-day
'To Holland; Repatriation, migration or flight?' Exhibition @ Atrium The Hague

From Monday 12 August to Sunday 8 September 2019, the exhibition will be Naar Holland. Repatriation, migration or flight? on display in the Atrium, the central (exhibition) hall of the Hague City Hall.

Naar Holland is about the repatriation of Indo-Europeans in the period 1952-1956. Why did these Dutch people exchange motherland Indonesia for fatherland Netherlands? Were they returnees, migrants or refugees? The exhibition, a production of Stichting Tong Tong (design Making Waves The Hague in collaboration with Locomotiv Rotterdam), made a deep impression on the visitors of the 60th Tong Tong Fair . In the fall of 2018, Naar Holland was also on display as an opening exhibition in the Migration Museum in The Hague.

In the Netherlands due to circumstances, but which? 
Click here for an extensive interview on the website of the Tong Tong Fair with curator Margaret Leidelmeijer about this exhibition.