March 23, 2019 – March 24, 2019 all-day
Schuytstraat, The Hague and Ichthuskerk
Traditional Balkan Music from Yoik Choir

On the 23rd and 24th of March, Yoik will perform a beautiful collection of traditional folk music. It mainly concerns music from the Balkan countries. With songs in Croatian, Bulgarian, Georgian and even the extinct language Aramaic, you will hear an enormous diversity in music in two churches in The Hague.

The choir

Chamber choir Yoik is a choir with young singers, working towards their fourth concert series. While the singers mainly performed traditional Scandinavian folk music in past concerts, they will now take a musical journey to the eastern parts of Europe. The choir is an initiative of conductor Raoul Boesten, also known from the choirs Kwintessens and Lux.

Balkan Vokalen

During the concert series Yoik focusses on traditional folk music from the Balkan countries and the north-eastern parts of Europe. A very diverse region with an equally diverse past, both musically and historically. The various songs give an overview of the different cultures. Central themes include the connection to nature and religion, but also references to war and pain.

The program consists of multiple three-voiced songs from Georgia, characterized by their round, warm sound. As a contradiction you hear the more clear and crisp songs from Bulgaria. At the core of the program are a few religious chants, such as a very special version of the Abun d’bashmayo. This is the original Aramaic version of the Lord’s prayer as Jesus taught it to his disciples. In the last three songs the choir returns to the northern European countries.

An elaborate program, with which the 39 young singers look forward to surprising you!