April 14, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
De Schilde
Buy real Hague vegetables and fish direct from Europe’s largest city farm, UrbanFarmers, at the weekly rooftop market! Every Wednesday and Friday afternoon and Saturday, UrbanFarmers proudly present their fresh harvest: from ‘rooftop’ ultra-fresh fish to shiny aubergines; from crispy cresses to prickly traditional cucumbers. The rooftop farmers harvest what they need together with whatever is in season. You will be amazed at what’s on offer each week. So, don’t forget your shopping basket and be sure to visit UrbanFarmers for the freshest products direct from The Hague!

Pretty much all of the food that is being sold as fresh today has travelled thousands of kilometres to get to your plate. Does that make sense to you? At UrbanFarmers they certainly don’t get it. Instead of having farmers far away produce your veggies and fly in frozen fish from abroad, they believe it’s more convenient, healthier, fresher and more sustainable to grow and breed food where it’s eaten: nearby where people live, in cities. UrbanFarmers believes it’s time to empower the farmers and engage the people. They decided to disrupt the system by declaring their very own, very healthy Fresh. Revolution. Encouraging you to buy local, eat fresh and stay healthy! Come visit UF002 and join the Fresh. Revolution.


UrbanFarmers is easy accessible by car and public transport. You can take tram 9 from The Hague Central Station or trainstation Den Haag Hollands Spoor to stop Dynamostraat. From Dynamostraat it’s a four minute walk to UrbanFarmers. By car the best route is taking the A12, taking the exit Bezuidenhout. Parking is free of charge on weekdays till 6pm.

Source: denhaag.com