January 9, 2018 @ 10:00 am

With a visit to the Vakantiebeurs, you are guaranteed to be in the holiday mood. At this event, you can orient yourself to the most diverse destinations in more than 150 countries. Whether you are always dreaming of an adventurous round trip, want to relax on a subtropical island or want to get to know the Netherlands even better: at the Vakantiebeurs you are at the right place!

The Vakantiebeurs is also a complete day out! You will not only find your dream vacation, thanks to surprising activities, performances and delicacies but, you will also get to know different cultures and destinations in a fun and interactive way.

At the Vakantiebeurs you will not only find everything about the preparations to travel but also to come home healthy again! Get inspired by an unforgettable holiday and come in the ultimate holiday atmosphere.

Hall lay-out – Geography & themed zones:

  • Hall 2: Africa, Africa Village and theatre dome
  • Hall 3: North America, Canada, Iran and Cruise Boulevard
  • Hall 4: Central and South America, the Caribbean Village, Asia, Down Under & Pacific, theatre dome
  • Hall 7: Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, Urban zone and theatre dome
  • Hall 8: The Middle East and North Africa, VVKR pavilion and NL Reist plaza
  • Hall 10: The Netherlands, Scandinavia, Iceland, UK & Ireland, food market
  • Hall 11: Activity hall with picnic area, bike test track, activity plaza, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Central and Eastern Europe
  • Hall 12: Outfreeca; camping and outdoor holidays

Photo Credit: Vakantiebeurs 2017