In Venus versus Modernity, poet Lebo Mashile and singer Ann Masina explore the image of the Black female body based on the life of Saartjie Baartman. She was one of the most famous and controversial figures from South Africa, who was exhibited in Europe two hundred years ago as a ‘freak’ woman. Her body became a point of reference for political satire, cartoonists, fashion designers and medical brotherhood. The performance turns this historical story upside down in a black comedy and gives Saartjie an autonomous voice in poetry and opera singing. Ann Masina embodies the goddess Venus with her physical presence and a full choir with her powerful voice. Venus versus Modernity shows that the problems of Saartjie Baartman still apply to contemporary black women in our world. Directed by Pamela Nomvete & Koleka Putuma.  Afro_Vibes Festival in partnership with The Market Theater’s Windybrow Arts Center.   A short trailer to see something already

The story of Saartjie Baartman resonates so deeply because the forces that she was up against are the same forces that we as black women continue to be up against 200 years later,” Interview Lebo Mashile 


Amsterdam | Compagnietheater (Teaser)
Thu 3 Oct 19:30 uur teaser, part of opening programme  info and tickets
Amsterdam | Compagnietheater
Fri 4 Oct 19:00   info and tickets
The Hague | Het Nationale Theater
Sat 5 Oct 20:00  info and tickets
Amsterdam | De Balie
Wed 9 Oct 20:00  info and tickets
Amsterdam | Pleintheater
Sat 12 Oct 20:30  info and tickets
Rotterdam | Maaspodium
Sun 13 Oct 15:30  info and tickets