Festival Waterpop in Wateringen is known for its progressive programming. On 10 August there will be a lot of up-and-coming talent in the Hofpark. Apart from the regional bands, Waterpop has now announced its last three acts. Three upcoming talents that you can see in Wateringen this summer:


Our programmer had him on his musical radar for years, but it took a while before he came to the Netherlands. This former background singer from Adele plays a music style that he calls Neo Noir. Dark pop rock with soul and blues influences with the raw voice of singer Chris Beheny. And you can expect a lot from that!


When the sun shines on Waterpop, it is always wonderful to take off your shoes and let the grass tickle between your toes. And the music of the Austrian AVEC fits in well with that! The folky singer-songwriter Mirjam Hufnagel and her band come to play her melancholic dreamy pop songs over the Watering grass.


They look and sound like a set of London street shakes, but they just come from Middelburg in Zeeland. They win award after award and are already house band at Concert At Sea. They are now crossing the big ditch to the Westland with their catchy britpop.

Band Competition Waterproof

On Saturday 11 May the band competition Waterproof will again take place in Poppodium Nederland 3. Four regional bands compete for a place on the main stage of Waterpop. Playyard, MNH, Garden Mum and Old Man’s Riot are competing this evening to get their band name on the poster. The doors of Nederland 3 will open at 8 p.m. and the first band will play at 8:30 p.m. So come on time. Moreover, the public also has influence on the result, because the public votes count as the fifth jury member. 

Waterpop receives no subsidy and has been wearing its own pants for 42 years. Through sponsorship, the turnover at the festival, and through the Friends of Waterpop. These people have a warm heart for Waterpop and make it possible for the festival to be organized every year through an annual financial contribution.

Picnic basket

And this year a new fun promotion. Not one, but two Waterpop picnic baskets will be given away on Saturday 10 August. One basket will be raffled among the existing Vrienden Van, and the second will be raffled among the new Friends, thus becoming a friend of Waterpop between now and 10 August.