The Weekend of Romantic Music festival in Rotterdam, a classical era experience like no other, has been held for over thirty years now. This weekend features live classical music performances in a breathtaking setting.

Weekend of Romantic Music Rotterdam

Weekend van de Romantische Muziek is an annual classical music festival that celebrates romanticism. What once started as a day in the park, has now evolved into a full weekend. The goal of this weekend is to make classical music accessible and accessible to all residents of Rotterdam.

The festival features various live music stages, each with its own atmosphere and style. Classical and romantic music concerts are given on various stages throughout the park. The musicians are top-notch and include well-known names. There’s also a great deal of attention for emerging talent.

The Weekend of Romantic Music takes place in Het Park at the Euromast; a breathtaking backdrop for classical music as well as delicious food and drinks.

Day of Romantic Music Rotterdam 📷 Prisca Visser

Come (as romantic) as you are

Ever wish you could go back in time and have a chat with (or dress up like) Jane Eyre or Elizabeth Bennet? For many regular visitors to the Weekend of Romantic Music, it’s a tradition to pay a lot of attention to their (sometimes homemade) romantic outfit. It’s not a must, but it sure adds to the general vibe!

No entrance fee, just a small donation

The organizers of the Weekend of Romantic Music have kept the festival free of charge for many years. To keep the festival going in the future, visitors are asked to make a donation at the entrance. An amount of five euros or more per person helps the organization cover the costs.

Changes to the festival format

Last year, the organization carried out a number of changes, such as a different layout of the festival grounds, so that visitors could fully enjoy the beautiful park. Also, food trucks and mobile kitchens were spread out across the festival terrain, serving a wide variety of delicacies. This meant that visitors are no longer allowed to bring their own food and drinks to the official festival site. However, the organization has designated a special picnic area at the entrance of the site, so that this beloved tradition will continue to live on, albeit a ways away from the stages.