October 19, 2018 – March 3, 2019 all-day
Willem van Oranje Exhibition @ Delft

When The Uprising (1568-1648) is in full swing, Prince William of Orange flees in 1572 to the safe walled-in Delft to stay out of the hands of the Spaniards. He moves into the Catholic Agatha Monastery, which from then on is renamed ‘Het Prinsenhof’. In this place, Willem lives, works and lives until his violent death on 10 July 1584. With the exhibition Willem van Oranje is here!, the Museum Prinsenhof Delft gives the building its history back.

This year it is 450 years ago that the uprising against the Spaniards began. William of Orange was fiercely against the Spanish policy of Fillips II and revolted. He wrote a statement of defense, the “Apology,” in which he expressed his ideal; freedom of religion and conscience for everyone. After approval by the States-General of the Netherlands, this pamphlet was printed and widely distributed. Because of this resistance Willem is declared outlawed by the king.

The exhibition Willem van Oranje is here! takes the visitor to the Delft van Willem van Oranje. What were the consequences of his arrival in Delft and what influence did Willem van Oranje have on the Netherlands as we know it today? Personal events from life of William of Orange are also highlighted. For example, two of his children were baptized in Delft and five grandchildren are buried in the Walloon church. Charlotte de Bourbon, Willem’s third wife, gives birth to the daughter’s daughter Louise Juliana in the Prinsenhof. With two special loans, mother and daughter are reunited.