December 2, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Winter Fireworks at Scheveningen

Every Sunday in December, winter fireworks shows take place on the beach at Scheveningen at the Amrâth Kurhaus at 6 pm. Stichting Internationaal Vuurwerkfestival Scheveningen presents the annual festival in cooperation with Xena Vuurwerk. The small-scale event with an intimate feel is freely accessible to everyone. The fireworks take place subject to weather conditions.

Atmospheric Winter fireworks
Bjorn van Dijl, chairman of the Scheveningen International Firework Festival Foundation: “After the biggest international festival in the summer, we bring the atmosphere back to Scheveningen with the Winter fireworks. Thanks to the low-threshold nature, all evenings are freely accessible for anyone who wants to end a day at The Hague’s beautiful coast. The shows colour the air in front of the Kurhaus and are clearly visible from the boulevard and the beach. We are proud that with the colorful shows we will once again put Scheveningen on the map this winter. ”

About the Fireworks Festival Scheveningen
The purpose of the Scheveningen International Firework Festival Scheveningen is to put Scheveningen on the map as an accessible and lively seaside resort through major public events. The board consists of Bjorn van Dijl (on behalf of the boulevard entrepreneurs), Guido Venema (on behalf of the beach pavilion keepers) and Vanessa van der Vaart (on behalf of the hotels).