February 18, 2020 @ 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Visseringlaan 24B 24B Visseringlaan 2288 ER Rijswijk
Workshop: Find Your Purpose

by Alberto Gonzalez Otero

An enthusiastic optimist who believes in Purpose as the driving force of positive change for individuals and organisations, as a way to live happier, feel fulfilled and make this world a better place for all of us.

His first job after Masters was selling encyclopedias door to door. The guy who first interviewed him said: “This job isn’t to knock doors nor to sell books.” A week later, he was left on a street of a town, wearing a suit, a tie and holding a suitcase full of brochures. He was knocking doors and selling books.

Since then, almost 20 years in sales and commercial leadership roles. Sales allowed only him to meet and interact with people, to connect and to help them with what he was selling.

But it was tough. He spent all these years thinking regularly about how he could do something else than selling. How could he change? He had no idea what else he could do. What could that be? It was so difficult.

He thought Management was the answer. He could stop selling and focus on helping others to do it, helping his team to be successful and feel fulfilled.

After some years in leadership roles at different companies, building and developing teams across different countries and continents, designing strategies and implementing processes, he had a similar feeling. He spent a lot of his time in unnecessary meetings, defining KPIs, creating reports and looking at dashboards. The reason why he wanted to be a leader wasn’t the reality of what it was expected of him.

Unconsciously, he was discovering the purpose of every company he was working for. But he did just for himself, to be able to do his job.

Through this journey and thanks to some inspirational moments he had, he developed a methodology to help himself discover his purpose and to make that change. It worked.

Today, he helps organisations, leaders and teams discover their purpose and transform into purpose-driven to live happier, feel fulfilled and make this world a better place for all of us.

Join us for a wonderful opportunity to reach your goals in life and meet like-minded people. We have drinks and networking after the session.