All over the world, people lose sleep wondering: ‘What’s it like to live in The Hague?’ ‘What’s really behind all that freedom, peace and endless beach?’ ‘Are all Hagenesen really so pleasantly eccentric?’ Wonder no further. Experience 30 days as a Hagenees to live, work, play and be charmed. Plus, you’ll get a bike – because we’re nice that way. Here’s your chance to live the dream – and expand your own.

Live a real life like a real-life Hagenees

With each of the three lucky ones, we will develop a blueprint for living like a Hagenees – complete with free accommodation, work experience and lots of recreation – along with a bit of pocket money. You do the rest. After 30 days, you’ll just want to stay.

The lucky ones will also get a famous Hagenees as a buddy – to provide tips and patiently explain any confusing local quirks.

You can choose: Business Hagenees, Crative Hagenees, Non-profit Hagenees

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