What do you do if you are an accident-prone expat trying to get to grips with life in the Netherlands?

Start a satirical blog and use comedy as therapy.

This is the tactic employed by Stuart Billinghurst aka Invader Stu. The man who’s invading Holland one blog at a time.

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A computer game designer with Guerilla Games in Amsterdam by day and by night a fearless blogger tackling the Netherlands one funny story at a time.

“I sometimes ask myself: ‘is it such a good idea having a blog with invading in the title?’ You know, given Dutch history. But people get it and luckily they see I’m not really trying to invade. It would be tricky on my own,” says Stuart.

Invading Holland - one blog at a time“I get a lot of response and people like it – Dutch people too. I think they have a similar sense of humour to us Brits and don’t mind having people poke fun at them.”

The blog has a range of stories from struggles on learning the Dutch language to a guide to check to see how cloggie you are.

This is from a blog called ‘Ten Awkward Situations for Expats Living in Holland’

Awkward situation number 5.

Stuart Billinghurst aka Invader Stu“Spending ten minutes searching amongst the bicycle racks for your bike, convincing yourself it has been stolen when you can’t find it, informing the police and then suddenly remembering you left it at home today.”

There’s a guide to Dutch circle parties – if you have been to one you’ll know that this is a vital tool.

Hilarious stories about mistaken for a pimp, living below sea level and a very strange Dutch teacher who scared away all his students apart from Invader Stu.

The blog is great reading for expats looking for a laugh and it is all illustrated by Invader Stu’s own cartoons which gives it a unique look and feel.

Highly recommended.

Here’s the podcast with Invader Stu.