On 24 May  2017, Team AkzoNobel – the Dutch entrant in the Volvo Ocean Race – officially called The Hague ‘Home’, when Skipper Simeon Tienpont was handed the keys to their new ‘Team Base’ by alderman  Karsten Klein. From its location in the port of Scheveningen, the team will plan their campaign and, when in the Netherlands, train there as well.

“The Hague and Scheveningen as home port”

Alderman Klein: “Team AkzoNobel is the only Dutch team to participate in this edition of the Volvo Ocean Race. With The Hague hosting the finish, I am delighted to welcome skipper Tienpont and his international crew to use Scheveningen as their home base. In 2018 it will have been exactly 200 years since the first bathing house appeared on the beach at Scheveningen. The Scheveningen coast is therefore a suitable historical setting for the Volvo Ocean Race, which in turn will bring The Hague and Scheveningen into the limelight; with the sea taking the lead role. ”

“Choice for The Hague a no-brainer”

Skipper Simeon Tienpont: “For a sea sailor, The Hague is the only port in this part of the North Sea that offers all the facilities: direct access to the open sea, a port with innovative maritime companies, close to TU Delft, great facilities of the Water Sports Federation’s national training centre, and an international city at sea where life is very good. Choosing the port of Scheveningen was a no-brainer for us too.”


The Hague: the ultimate destination

The Volvo Ocean Race is the longest and most demanding sailing race in the world. In June 2018, this legendary race will finish in the Netherlands for the very first time. After sailing 46,000 miles, The Hague is the ultimate destination. The arrival promises to be an unforgettable sporting moment; not just for the sailors, but for hundreds of thousands of race fans as well.

Party for everyone

For young and old, from seafarers to landlubbers, the finish of the Volvo Ocean Race – from 23 June to 1 July 2018 – will be a party for everyone. In addition to a racing village on the beach, the port will be transformed into an event location with a wide variety of activities, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors. In addition to the many water sports activities, there will also be many networking events for the business community.

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