Getting a job in the NetherlandsTips on how to get a good job in the Netherlands

The job market in the Netherlands is currently buoyant for internationals, according to recruitment expert Katerina Alikaridou from Randstad Multilingual.

And with determination and good planning internationals can find a good job within two to four months, she says.

This time in the Here in Holland podcast an interview on getting work in the Netherlands as an expat.

Your CV should exude passion.

“Your CV should be something you really believe in and something that really tells your story quickly so a potential employer knows what you have to offer.”

“It should not just be a paper that you don’t really pay attention too,” says Katerina.

And when it comes to photos on a CV the recruitment expert says it is not essential to have a picture but if you do have one then you need to make sure it is appropriate.

She’s seen pictures of women in bikinis on CVs and of men posing in sunglasses trying to look super cool.

“These sorts of photos are great if you want to send them to your boyfriend or girlfriend but definitely not on a CV – it needs to be professional.”

Adding a video pitch to your CV can also really help.

And being active on social media is a must in getting a good position in the modern Dutch job market.

Linked In is the most important – a good professional up to date profile listing your achievements and strengths.

And a word of warning. Be careful what you have open to the public on your other social media channels – those crazy party photos on Facebook are also there for a potential employer to see if you have everything open to the public.

When it comes to languages then English is pretty much vital when it comes to getting an international job in the Netherlands – learning to speak Dutch will also improve your chances.

Best of all is  combination of your native language, English and Dutch.

So what’s the golden tip when it comes to getting a good job in the Netherlands?

“ I think people need to work on their motivation, they really need to be certain as to why they are here, what their goal is and then they need to really go for it. Once you know this then you will be able to stay focused build your network and achieve your goals, “ says Katerina.

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