Of all The Hague’s numerous festivals, only one focusses on the Middle East and North Africa. Rather than focus on negative images portrayed by mainstream media, The Dancing on the Edge Festival (DOTE), provides a rich program that enables audiences to see, understand and appreciate what these regions offers in terms of (performance) arts, culture and history.

The official opening of the festival (8 November, Korzo Theater) featured two performances: The Resilience of the Body and Portray. The first piece focused on “how to find continuity and perseverance in the world we live in today”, while the second was “created with an urge to unravel the layers of a body through its reservoir”. Both solo pieces were performed by Egyptian choreographers, who, through their dance routines and dialogue, introduced the audience to new perspectives and insight into a country that has suffered from political turmoil.

In addition to the performances, were two art installations: Kashash, which explores the traditional Syrian practice of Pigeon training and its disappearance since the 2011 uprising, and The Atlantis Project which was a Dutch, Syrian and Lebanese project studying people’s personal relationships with the sea.

The festival’s program will be on display in Amsterdam, Utrecht and finally Rotterdam where it will officially end on the 18th of November. Be sure to attendee this culturally rich festival by attending an event being displayed at one of these cities.

Photo credits: Jelle Ijntema