Stichting The English Theatre (STET) states on its website that this portrayal of Medea will be a “Medea, as you’ve never seen it before”. After attending the event which took place at Nationale Theater Zaal3 last Saturday, many members of the audience including myself gave a long-standing ovation to Albert Pretorius’s captivating portrayal of Marcus Sharp and to a production that was successfully able to interpret the story of Medea in a way that was modern, enjoyable and unexpected for the audience.

I couldn’t agree more with STET’s description of Another Medea and I’m sure that many members of the audience would agree with me as well, judging by their looks of surprise and horror present throughout the duration of the play.

Without giving away too much, everything from the intimate seating arrangements inside the theatre to how the sounds and lights accommodated the whole performance, all perfectly added up to provide the audience with a very intense and thought-provoking piece.

After this whole experience, I greatly look forward to the other productions STET will be bringing to The Hague in the near future.

Photo Credit: Carmen Morlon