These Tools Will Help Expats And International Students Claim Up To 5,310 EUR Per Year

Rotterdam, The Netherlands: College Life, the only international student hub in the Netherlands, has launched new online tools that provide a simple and transparent way to request Dutch housing and healthcare allowances. It takes less than 5 minutes for users to claim up to € 5,310 per year. The tool is fully available in English and all the submitted details are verified with a certified accountancy firm making it particularly useful for expats and international students.

Last academic year Holland experienced record high numbers of international students. According to Nuffic, during the academic year 2016-17 there were more than 112,000 students from abroad who studied in Dutch higher education. With this growing number, questions of housing and healthcare allowances have become increasingly important too. Kristian Voldrich, the founder of College Life, explains: “Having been an international student in the Netherlands myself, I’ve experienced that while it’s a great country to study in, it also comes with its expenses. Receiving contribution to your monthly rent or health insurance bill can be extremely helpful for low-income students and others in the need of financial assistance. While many government websites offer information only in Dutch, we created this tool to provide this information in English and make it as easy and safe as possible for expats and international students to apply for financial support”.

The tool helps to calculate the allowance and claim the benefits that could reach more than € 5,000 per year in less than 5 minutes. All the submitted details are verified by a certified accountancy firm that ensures the application contains the right details. In addition, there’s no knowledge of Dutch necessary to use this tool which makes it more fitting for expats and international students than other similar online tools. The healthcare and housing allowance tool is available here.

About College Life

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