About 30,000 students live, study and work in The Hague. Why? Because The Hague is a unique city with a lot to offer. The city welcomes international guests such as politicians, scientists, journalists and researchers every day. Many educational institutions in The Hague provide excellent study programmes in English, and more than 5,000 international students enrol at these institutions every year.

International Court of Justice, The Hague

International City of Peace & Justice

The Hague is where you will find many essential tribunals and international courts, alongside about 160 NGO’s who all work successfully together to live up to the reputation and ultimate goal of the city which is to make the world a safe place for everyone. To accomplish this is best conditions possible and to retain the current international organizations all the while attracting possible new ones, the city has created a welcoming and productive environment by proposing customised services for expats, attractive neighborhoods, excellent accessibility and good schools and cultural facilities. Furthermore still in the pursuit of maintaining a good business development relationship with these institutions, Dutch diplomats will continue to work on strengthening The Hagues relations with UN institutions and other cities that host them.

3rd largest city in The Netherlands

The Hague is the 3rd largest city in the Netherlands which brings many more advantages than you think. It offers the same level of infrastructure as Amsterdam as in the central station connects directly to many other international stations across Europe making it very easy to discover more places at a cheaper expense than flying. Furthermore, The Hague offers many different types of public transport such tram, trains and buses which all have 10+ routes that connect all of The Hague but also to other cities in The Netherlands such as Delft, Rotterdam and Amsterdam making it very easy move across the country. You can request a discount card for students, and we recommend that young professionals check with their companies if they accept to pay for transport. This could facilitate your search for accommodation as the country is small and easy to get around therefore the requirement to live in the city you work/study is not as important.

Great Universities

The Hague is a very student-friendly city, and this is mostly thanks to The Hague University of Applied Sciences. This University ranks one of the best in The Netherlands and every year attracts students from all over the world, on average having 60 different nationalities in each course. The Hague University offers bachelor and master programs during which you can go on exchange in one of the many partner university The Hague University has all over the world. Therefore you could combine you study abroad experience with another, during which you can experience a new culture and a new way of living all the for either 6months of a 1 year.

The Beach

Whether you are someone that comes from a place that has a beach or not you will appreciate The Hague’s beaches. Just like the beaches of Los Angeles, The Hague’s beaches are wide and vast allowing space for everybody to settle down and enjoy some time well spent in an open environment and the fresh air. Although the weather is not always beach adapted, it is rare to find a city that offers such an international scope, a wide range of activities and facilities as well as the beach. Even if you are not someone who particularly enjoys the beach, it is nice to know that you have the option is one day you ever felt like it to relax with an ocean view.

It’s so so Pretty

You might have seen pictures of Amsterdam and thought to yourself ‘wow this is so cute’ well The Hague is just as cute if not more. Amsterdam can sometimes be very overwhelming because it is such a tourist attraction. The Hague offers the same amount of pretty Dutch scenery, long but narrow red brick buildings with colorful flowers growing up them, adorable benches in front of homes and bikes scattered over the city but with much fewer tourists, therefore, more space for you to enjoy everything the city has to offer.


Drinking & Foodie Life

No city qualifies as an attractive student city without the necessary infrastructure to satisfy our thirsts and cravings. The Hague is built around student life, meaning that at every corner you will find bars and restaurants that offer discounts and special deals for students on different nights of the week. Throughout the year’s more and more internationals moved to The Hague and the city has responded to this trend very well. Many clubs, bars and restaurants have opened with concepts fitting different cultures such Latino clubs, Scandinavian restaurants , Irish pubs and much more. Some of which you can enjoy with  an ocean view and if you are seeking to mix with people from all over the world you will also find international bars . Furthermore, Food truck festivals are also hosted in different parts of the city throughout the year to satisfy your diversity cravings.

In conclusion, The Hague has the feel of a small town, while still offering a very cosmopolitan experience. It is a combination new and old, typical Dutch canal sceneries in areas with large glass buildings and innovative architecture, large parks and green spaces beautifully intertwined with the urban scenery. It is boosting with student life, open terraces (even in winter), numerous festivals and cultural events. Narrow streets with boutiques and a variety of restaurants are quite a few, and worth exploring on a bicycle. We are sure you will find everything you have ever hoped for as a student in the city The Hague.


Author: Athena Barris