Ebere Akadiri, food entrepreneur, former restaurant owner and a food business trainer has announced the pre-release of her Vibrant West African Cookbook, ready for pre-order.

All the projects from the book will go to Beauty in Every Life initiative – “Prevent Human Trafficking Now”.

Below is a person message from Ebere about the initiative and its origins.

“ I want to take some time to share with you why I’m dedicating all profits from the cookbook to launch a campaign that seeming looks so intimidatingly large. Of course, I cannot do it all alone. Together however, we can accomplish much.

I had struggled to publish my cookbook for over two years but I just couldn’t. I figured it wasn’t one of my strengths to go through the many rigours of publishing, and so gradually gave up on that dream.

Recently when I saw the number of Nigerian girls that were drowned while trying to cross the sea, my heart broke. All I could think of was to launch a project to support these young women and girls so they can be empowered and work for themselves without risking their lives to cross to another country illegally or be lured by traffickers.

As those thoughts overpowered me each day and night, I realised that I could finalise this book and ask people to contribute to the cause in exchange for my cookbook. That single motivation allowed me to finalise the book, and find all the partners required to launch the book. I didn’t think that I would achieve it so quickly, but here I am getting ready to support these people and, at the same time, realizing my dream of sharing my work on West African cuisine to a broader audience.

I invite you to create vibrant West African cuisine in your kitchen while helping to support these vulnerable women and children.

I’m thanking you in advance, on behalf of all the lives that will be impacted by your contribution.

All profit from this cookbook goes directly to launch the Beauty in Every Life initiative – “Prevent Human Trafficking Now”.

We  need  to sell a  total of 2000 books before the commencement of the project in March 2018.

I can’t raise €25,000 on my own, but together we can.

Together we are restoring basic human dignity and preventing human trafficking through awareness, education and support for victims.

Please feel free to share with your friends and family.

I wish you a Prosperous New Year.

Pre-order your signed copy today through the link below.


Ebere Akadiri