Launch of new charity, Create Bridges, 23 March 2018 in The Hague

On the 23rd of March, we celebrated with a group of friends the launch of the Create Bridges Foundation. This step came as a natural result to our continuous efforts since 2015 to support refugees and displaced people both in and outside The Netherlands. We evolved from self-motivated initiatives to more structured and organised projects.

We are witnessing too many wars and conflicts in the Middle East, which have resulted in destruction, chaos and millions of innocent victims. So much is their impact, that they have come to be called the greatest humanitarian catastrophes of the century. In an effort to try and make a difference in the lives of these war victims the foundation “Create Bridges” was formed.

The main target of Create Bridges is to offer help with minor health, educational and construction projects. This non-governmental organisation is effectively the bridge between the people in need and those who are willing to help but simply don’t have the platform and resources to do so. With your support we truly believe we can change a life in an effort to maintain the humanity that is currently minimal in our world.


Basma Al-Rawi