The Hague is a hotspot for ministries, business headquarters and the offices of the large multinationals. But whereas organisations in other metropolitan areas may need to travel far and wide in search of getaways in the outdoors, The Hague has its very own beach just five kilometres from the city centre.

What’s more, Scheveningen’s strand is the most popular beach in the Netherlands.

“People come here mostly for leisure,” says Lieke Priester, the joint-manager of Zanzibar Beachclub, located right in front of the iconic renaissance revival Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus. “But we also organise a lot of company getaways,” she continues.

Eight years ago Lieke’s partner Lex Geraerdts sold his previous beachclub Solbeach, which is still operational a few doors down, and set up the Zanzibar Beachclub.

“We were aiming for a more cozy, relaxed atmosphere,” explains Lieke, who joined the company a year after it opened. “Our neighbours all have a modern lounge feel, but we wanted a more informal vibe.”

The relaxed feel is enhanced with wood panelling, and wooden furniture, throughout. Glass candleholders hang from the trunks of carved elephant sculputres on the walls. Seating areas are curated from long, sunbleached wooden benches, giving off a campfire-like ambience.

Based on the décor, the lone acacia tree logo, and the baobab tree sculpture on a straw roof, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were on safari.

“We do actually have animal sounds in the bathrooms,” Lieke lets on with a laugh. “The lion sounds are quite strange if you’re not expecting it!”

Zanzibar Beachclub specialise in what they they call ‘Cook it yourself’ barbeques. For these, the Zanzibar staff provide portable stoves, and food, and then let the guests determine amongst themselves who gets to be the grill-masters of the evening. Larger groups may also request a private chef, if it’s been a particularly hard day at work.

Also available are a number of workshops, which Zanzibar Beachclub can organise in cooperation with other business along the beach. These workshops include: cocktail workshops, bumperball games, kitesurfing lessons, salsa workshops, sandsculpting workshops, djembe drum workshops, graffiti workshops, powerboat rides, capoeira workshops, and team-building Robinson Expeditions.

What better way to celebrate your team, or department, or – why not? – whole company, by spending a few hours being silly in the sun, and then settling down to watch it set over the sea as the aromatic spices of a DIY barbeque promise satisfaction of the soul.

To sweeten things further, Zanzibar Beachclub also support Conservation South Luangwa – an NGO who help with the protection of wildlife in Zambia.

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