A Question for Premier Rutte

The UENL, a grassroots organisation comprised of highly skilled international professionals currently living and working in the Netherlands, formed in April 2018 in response to a proposal of the Dutch Ministry of Finance to reduce the term length of 30% tax ruling. UENL is encouraging the government to stand by the deal they made with current recipients of the 30% tax ruling so that any changes apply to future expats, not to those already here.
With more than 30,000 signatures on its Change.org petition, 7,500+ members on Facebook, and broad national & international media coverage, UENL is working to raise awareness of the consequences of this proposal. In its viral video, “A Question for Premiere Rutte” www.adealisadeal.nl, UENL members highlight how their lives will be dramatically affected by this proposal.
Afspraak is Afspraak.