All monthly number one POTY photos in one club year enter a special competition. In June, all monthly POTY winning photographs enter this special competition and members can vote for the photographer of the year.

Winner Bio:

My name is Cristina Baroncelli. I was born in France but lived and grew up in different countries of the world (Africa, Italy, Argentina, Montecarlo). I am living in The Netherlands since 2000 now, where I have my own practice and work as a psychologist with expats as well as locals.

My passion for photography was born when I was about 11 years old and received from my father his old Yashica 35mm.

My passion kept growing and when I was in Argentina I received for my 18th birthday a “more serious” camera as a gift, a second-hand Pentax SM Super. I still love the colours that the cam was able to reproduce!

I have to confess that another big passion, since I was a child, was to observe insects and tiny things with my toy-microscope. It was a toy, but it was still showing things that the naked eye could not see. I think that that was when my passion for macro and close up photography started.

My first digital camera was a Nikon (d3200) and I am now the proud owner of a Nikon d5600. I love my Nikon 105 micro!

I am a member of Images ( since 2016 and I enjoy the club immensely: I learn new things, I am inspired by the work of others and it is also just nice to meet and chat with like-minded people, all with the same passion: photography!

Title of winning photo:


Context/background for the winning photo:

I was admiring the artwork from Kang Muxiang in Postdamer Platz in Berlin. The sculptures are made out of old elevator cables and are massive. I was attracted by the overall shape (pleasing to the eye) but the game of light and shadows that the curves were creating was stunning! As I started playing I got closer with my camera and this is how my picture was born.