Stressed at the supermarket, freaking out on the bus or wishing a big hole would appear in the floor and swallow you up?

These are all emotions that internationals go through during their time living in the Netherlands.

It’s one of the best places in the world to live, but, you know… there are a few quirks which can take a bit of getting used to.

Check out a bunch of great stories of the Dutch experiences from people from across the globe in the latest Here in Holland Podcast – All Over The Place.

Practicing your Dutch is highly recommended but be warned – a slip here or there can lead to some tricky situations.

And what about when it comes to those guttural Dutch “Gs”? Not easy, a slip of the tongue can mean you can’t even get the bus to stop where you want it to.

Funny stories!
These are just two of the stories from the latest podcast. It was recorded during a recent expat fair in Amsterdam.

Internationals from around the world shared their funny stories – Michael from Egypt was amazed at how many times Dutch people say goodbye:

“First it’s ‘tot ziens’ then ‘doeie’ and then it goes on again like three or four times with the last one being kind of shouted across the room. I found it strange, but now I find myself doing it too.”

Man or woman?
And then there’s Janice from the United States – she was enthusiastic to learn Dutch and found a friendly security guard at the library who was willing to help out.

Only she got into a bit of a tangle when she didn’t understand a question in Dutch on the application form for her library card.

“There was one word I didn’t understand,” said Janice.

“It was ‘geslacht.’ I now know it means gender – so it was …’are you a man or a women.’ I meant to say to the guy that I didn’t understand the questions but ended up telling him I didn’t know if I was a man or a woman.”

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