What does Brexit mean for Brits in the Netherlands?Brexit Chaos – do Brits in the Netherlands have a clue what will happen?

Brexit is looming. In just a few months the UK will leave the EU.

What does this mean for the tens of thousands of Brits living in the Netherlands?

The truth is that nobody knows for sure. A lot depends on a deal being struck between the UK and the EU or not.

In the latest  Here in Holland podcast host Andy Clark talks to Sarah Parkes and Tricia Tarrant from the British in the Netherlands group.

The podcast also features Stephen Huyton a British entrepreneur running an international company from the Netherlands.

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“The biggest worry is the no deal scenario,” says Sarah.

“The IND – Ditch Immigrations Service – says that if you have a permanent residence card as an EU citizen then on Brexit day they will automatically change this to a third country national permanent residence permit.”

“But they don’t know what will happen in the event of a no-deal,” she adds.

“So yes, people are very worried and that’s just one simple thing – whether you have the right to remain in the country or not,” she adds.

For business owner Stephen Huyton Brexit brings frustration and uncertainty.

He runs Thermopatch International a company that provides labelling for textiles.

It even supplies the transfers for the back of the shirts of Manchester United… so what does he make of the Brexit?

“I think it is a disaster not just for business but for future generations – it’s a step backwards.”

“The thing that I feel the most frustrated about is that if I look at my Dutch colleagues they are genuinely quite shocked about what they read in the British press where some newspapers have cast Europeans and European countries almost as enemies,” he says.

Bad for Business

When asked about the effects on his business he said the only certainty is that things will change and this will probably lead to higher costs for consumers.

“Customers in the UK are asking for guarantees but it is like asking me to give a guarantee that it won’t snow on Christmas Day – it can’t be done.”

For Tricia and Sarah they are now focusing their lobbying efforts on Dutch politicians hoping that they can get guarantees there.

“For the UK government we are just bargaining chips just numbers,” says Sarah.

Asked what she would say to Theresa May given the chance she says she would rather speak to Marc Rutte.

And Tricia Tarrant was crystal clear when asked what she would say to Theresa May if the opportunity arose.

“I would say to her that she has repeatedly made empty promises on citizens rights and I would say to her ‘you have lost my trust and you have lost my vote’.”

The Dutch Immigration Service has this page in English on Brexit.

The British in the Netherlands Facebook page is here.

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