How is your life in the Netherlands?

Asked to give a score out of ten what would it be and why?

This is the question at the heart of the latest Here in Holland podcast.

It was recorded at the Hague Online Feel at Home Fair 2019 at City Hall this week.

Listen here for lots of great stories and funny anecdotes.

Internationals rate the Netherlands

Joe is from Devon in the UK – he gives his life here an eight:

“I’d like to give it a nine, but the wind is just too strong.”

“There’s this thing in the Netherlands that whenever you go cycling no matter which direction you are going in the wind is always in your face.”

Maria is from Italy and she gives life in the Netherlands a seven out of ten.

“Most things are great – but there’s one funny thing and that is people spraying deodorant in public – like in the train and at school in the classroom.”

“I mean – just do it at home.”

Welcome for dinner?

Marji was born in Curacao and has lived in the Netherlands for decades. She gives life her a nine plus.

And yet there’s still one thing which she can’t get used to:

“If you go and visit a Dutch person around dinner time then you can get the feeling that you are not so welcome. Unless you have made an appointment you will probably be asked to leave.”

“From my Latin American background this is seems so unusual – we would always make enough food for everyone…”

Directness shocker

Richard is from California and he also rates his life here very highly – giving it a nine.

At the same time he has had some run-ins with Dutch directness which left him feeling a bit strange.

“I sometimes have the feeling that the Dutch are trying to get in to my business.”

“One time I had been out for a night with my sister and on the way home she had fallen asleep in the train.

“I was filming her to tease her the next day when a woman came up and ordered me to stop.”

“She wanted to know who I was and why I was filming – she even woke my sister up to check my story.”

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