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Four-hour theater experience ‘theater-on-stage’

In a theater-on-stage setting you take the place of the absent hero and the actors interpret the different characters on his path. The players weave their personal memories, doubts and dreams with the stories of characters from the original verses.


A personal tip from Rotterdam

Walther van den Heuvel is Head of Programming at Theater Rotterdam and saw the performance earlier. He says:

“I am a big fan of the wanderings in the heroic Odysseus, because it coincides to a large extent with our own quest in life: the getting lost, the temptations, the fights, our disguises to keep us up and maybe even at home. come after a long journey.

Brazilian director Leonardo Moreira made a 4.5-hour trip with his company Cia Hiato – time flies by – in which he interweaves personal stories and experiences with the Odysseus. What is special about this is that the female perspective comes to the fore in this performance; Penelope, Calypso and Circe are central in the separate parts of the performance. The abandoned son Telemachos also gets an important voice. This creates a wonderful comment on the existing heroic story, in which Odysseus is viewed in a completely new way.

This Odisseia was for me one of the highlights in the past year. I am very happy that it will now also be on display in 7 different locations in the Netherlands. Do not expect an Odysseus classic, but a freestyler on our wanderings. ”


Why we still tell this old story

Odisseia represents in a strong way the feminine perspective in this heroic story, in which new feminism and the #MeToo discussion are extremely intelligently connected with the experiences of the female characters.

Odisseia is a rocking road trip through the landscape of modern women in relation to the fallen or not fallen from his pedestal. Highly unique, feminist, humorous, activist and above all hyper-topical.

After the recent world premiere received very positively during the prestigious Fast Forward Festival in Athens, all European theaters lined up. Fortunately, the people at Explore Festival were at the forefront, enabling them to present this high-profile piece in all Explore cities.


Theater experience

This piece is a real theater experience. During the four and a half hour performance you are on the stage. You will be welcomed with a drink, there are two breaks in the show and a meal is part of the show. This meal consists of soup with bread.


Language and subtitles

This piece is Portuguese spoken with English subtitles.