La Tavola: honest food.

Delicious organic Italian food and honest ingredients. We believe that food can only be really tasty when the ingredients are fresh and care and love is spent on it.

Last Saturday, our fresh new Italian restaurant La Tavola opened its doors for the first time. With the menu ranging from classic pizza and pasta to salads, Italian desserts and a selection of wine to rival the best, our first night of service was a wonderful experience for all involved.

In 2015, when we first discussed ideas about cooking and the taste of real flavors, we were pretty quick to decide that it had to be something to do with Italy. In which other country is the use of good ingredients so central? And yes: Italy is also our favorite place! Every time we are there we feel happy and more together. That also has everything to do with the people who live there: before you know it, you’re eating at the long family table and really feeling like part of something special. Literally everyone is there, from newborn to grandfather, and when the mayor of the village happens to pass by, he also takes a seat.

The Italian table is about everyday life, what everyone is doing and whether things are going well. Conversations are genuine, moods are happy and friendships are formed over tasty dishes and refreshing drinks. This is only possible with the basic conditions of authenticity and well-paired wine! The stories flow best with wine splashing in the glass. Even if nobody says anything, the mood is still there. 

From this familial warmth we get our inspiration for La Tavola. Feel at home, because care is paid to every dish, and even more care is paid to the people we share it with.  

More information can be found HERE on the website