The International Women Contact The Hague (IWC The Hague) has existed for 40 years. To honour and celebrate some of its talented members, an exhibition opened 8th of March 2019.

Seventeen artists exhibited some of their art. Works of art range from paintings to sculptures. All are found inside the E&Y building, along the Wassenaarseweg in The Hague. This building houses offices, so this exhibition only welcomes visitors by appointment, during office-hours on weekdays.

Nevertheless, a visit is worth your time. Moreover, all objects are for sale.

The building itself is listed. It is the former head-office of a company: the Bataafsche Import Maatschappij. Architect J. Oud designed it in 1938. The building was completed in 1946 and shows a traditional style with neoclassical influences.

Visitors enter through the main entrance, where after climbing a few steps, bronze sculptures by Micheline van Craeynest-Roeloens welcome them. The exhibition continues down a long corridor, side-corridors and reception areas.

All seventeen artists have exhibited before. Some are amateurs, while others attended art colleges. A few works caught my eye, based on personal preferences. Undoubtedly, you will find others more striking and interesting.

At the start of the exhibition are two paintings on silk by Nadja Tabbou Mehenni. I liked “Flourishing Jungle” a lot. Further into the exhibition, “Agios Nikolaos”, one of two exhibited works by Nicola Kipper, pleased me too. In between, one of three works exhibited by Wai-Lan Chiu caught my attention: her oil painting “Cedar Corridor, Japan”.

All works by Lorena Ghizzo, Mariana Birsanu and Barbara Ansari pleased me immensely. Ms Ghizzo exhibits three oil paintings of flowers. As these hang off the main corridor, take care not to walk past them.

Two works by Mariana Birsanu hang apart. Her “Now I Am Here”, showing a beautiful rose, is displayed along the main corridor. Her stunning “The Cloud” hangs in the lounge.

The same applies to three works artist Barbara Ansari selected. Two are displayed close to each other in the lounge; the third is to be found in the long corridor. Ms Ansari seems to be one of the few artists, experimenting with using various materials. She used acrylic, sand and glow medium for two works. In her “Bodhi Tree” she actually used Bodhi Tree leaves, in combination with acrylic and sand.

All information on artists and their works are found listed alphabetically in a special brochure. Mind that the brochure photos show all works, but many of these works are in reality far more impressive.

Interested in visiting? This exhibition lasts till 23rd of June 2019, but do mind the opening hours and not to forget to arrange permission for a viewing.

Contributor: Kate, writing for The Hague Online


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