The best-kept secret is yet to be revealed to those who don’t know about it and that’s Mr. Timesaver. Not like your usual dry cleaning service in The Hague that takes days to get your clothes ready, but more convenient, flexible, and with an excellent customer service.

Do these words even relate to a dry cleaning service? Mr. Timesaver is the only dry cleaning and laundry service provider that has a different value proposition and that’s what makes those words relatable to it.

Here’s how the process used to go:

  • We go to a local dry cleaning shop.
  • We give them our items.
  • We get a ticket for clothing identification (Don’t lose it!)
  • We wait a couple of days
  • We pick them back up when we have a chance (Oh wait, they’re already closed by the time you get off work!)

As you can see, in all this process, there’s no convenience at all. We’re not even counting the times you finally get a chance to go, just to find out your clothes are not ready yet. Mr. Timesaver has changed that completely. Here’s how:

1. Flexibility & convenience

Convenience is the first thing they have come up with. You don’t have to go anywhere to get laundry done or your clothes dry cleaned. Instead, Mr. Timesaver is open 7 days a week to pick your stuff up and get back to you in 24 hours. Starting from 7 am in the morning until midnight. Their pickup and delivery services are like ordering a pizza. You get what you want, where you want it, without you doing anything at all but wait for your pickup or delivery in the time-slot that  you have selected.

What’s more fascinating is the time you’ll have to wait for the pick-up and delivery of your items. It’s not 24 hours or 5 hours, not even 2 hours. You’ll simply have to be home in the 1-hour time slot you selected. They know every nook and corner of The Hague, Wassenaar, Rotterdam, Delft and Leiden so that isn’t a problem at all.

2. Fast turnaround time

Unlike your local dry cleaner, Mr. Timesaver has an amazing turnaround time of only 24 hours. You can count on their amazing quality and superb customer service to receive your clothes, shoes, or curtains the next day. However, if you want to schedule your delivery at a later time, you can do that as well.

3. A superior customer service

In this modern age, if a company has to survive, it has to zero in on its customer service and make it superior. This is exactly what Mr. Timesaver has done. It values human to human connection more than anything and in doing so, it strives to deliver the highest quality of service possible.

That is one of the many reasons why more than 100 people have said great things about its services on Google Reviews.

Dry cleaning and laundry can see innovation too and that has been proven by Mr. Timesaver. So, if you ever need a laundry and dry cleaning service in the in The Hague, Wassenaar, Rotterdam, Delft and Leiden, now you know who to count on.

A company that values your time

At Mr. Timesaver the primary focus is making your life easier. They genuinely care about their customers. That’s why with Mr. Timesaver you get more than just laundry and dry cleaning. You get peace of mind. You get to do more of the things that are meaningful to you. Mr.  Timesaver works day and night to make your life easier.


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