Robert Lankamp is a photographer of The Hague, a city he’s lived in for almost thirty years. This year, Robert is offering an opportunity to join him in his photo project around The Hague. The invitation extends to anyone who is interested in taking unusual, personal photos of the city, or seeing how Robert finds and frames the different locations – with a mini photography lesson included. 

With Robert’s expat background, he’s been all over the world, but The Hague is special to him. Everybody who’s been in the city even for a little while knows it’s a unique place with a personality of its own. 

One of Robert’s longer-term projects has become: what makes him love The Hague? How does he express that with more than words? His answer is a specific kind of photography. Images captured from the kind of angle, the kind of distance, in the kind of light that best shows what Robert’s artistic vision and emotional reactions to the city truly are. 

Robert’s invitation extends to anyone, with any level of experience, who’d like to take part in his project, whether it’s to take photos, or learn more about photography, or for Robert to take the photos for you, or to join him on one of his photography walks. If you’re interested, please contact Robert through his website 

Photo: ‘Detail, Kazernestraat’