A few weeks ago ICAP – the International Community Advisory Panel – launched its latest survey on accompanying spouses’ access to the labour market in the Netherlands. It has been doing well, and they extend their thanks to everyone who has already completed and or shared the survey. ICAP are eager though to ensure they have as many voices as possible, so are renewing their efforts to extend the reach of the survey, which will remain open until the 12th of July.

ICAP was established to ‘be a voice’ for the international community, and a place to provide their opinions as input for policy development. It is anecdotally known that a large number of accompanying spouses or partners struggle – now ICAP want to back this up with data.

Your participation is greatly appreciated. The link to the survey can be found here: http://icapnl.com/current-survey

ICAP NL (www.icapnl.com) is a registered Stichting. All data remains the property of ICAP NL, inline with the published privacy policy. Results from surveys are collated anonymously and collective findings are presented in a report format. Only key findings are made publicly available on the ICAP NL website once the report is published.

Deborah Valentine, Executive Director of ACCESS, sits on the ICAP board, and has reached out to ensure any potential participants that no data is ever shared with ACCESS or any of the other partner organisations. It is important to be clear about the roles each time the expat community is invited to participate so that you can feel confident about sharing your experiences. Your information and experiences will only be used to further improve the experiences of accompanying spouses in The Netherlands