Maintaining Your Home’s Exteriors All Year Around

Regardless of the season, you will need to do the following at least once in a week, even if you are planning to maintaining new home.

• Blow debris and leaves from your driveway and walkways.

• Prune your shrubs and overgrown trees.

• Clean up your garbage disposal.

• Dig up the weeds from your lawn.

Check and maintain the following at least once a month:

• Fix your damaged shingles or siding.

• Check for insect nests.

• Fix any openings on the fence to keep rodents away.

Then there are the maintenance practices that are unique to each of the 4 main annual seasons. Here is an outdoor maintenance checklist for each:

1. Winter

• Go around the house to check and replace any loose screw, knob, handle, and anything that can possibly leak cold air into the interiors.

• Inspect your basement and remove any mold that could be building up, as well as any possible water leaks. This is also a good time to rid the basement off any rodents that could be planning to spend the winter in your home.

• Remove fresh snow from the roof using a roof rake. Allowing snow to accumulate up there can damage your shingles and gutters.

• Cover your exterior air-conditioning unit to protect it from water damages.

2. Spring

• Fix any weather stripping around windows and doors.

• Ensure that your outdoor faucets and garden sprinklers are in good condition.

• Fertilize your lawn and mow the grass to size. If there are any bald patches, reseed them appropriately before summer heat sets in.

• If your downspouts or gutters have leaves and debris, clear them out and clean the spouts using hot water if necessary.

• This is also a good time to have your outdoor pumps inspected by a certified expert.

• Hire a certified arborist to check out for any dead trees that can be dangerous to your safety.

• If there are any signs of peeling or chipping paint, maybe due to water damage, repaint your exterior walls.

• Check out for cracked wood, loose nails, leaves and debris, or winter grime in your deck.

• Wash the pool and treat the water. In case any of the pool equipment is broken, find a professional to implement a fix.

3. Summer

• Water your lawn and garden twice every week, and ensure that the water goes as deep as possible.

• Ensure that the sprinklers are in perfect condition because you will definitely need them.

• Algae growth in your pool is crazy this time of the year. Clear them every two weeks of the summer.

• Oil the garage door hinges.

4. Fall

• Fix any cracks on the pathways and driveway as the wet season can cause small cracks to widen.

• Ensure that your sump pump is working well.

• Plant trees and shrubs, perennials such as Columbine, and bulbs such as daffodils.

• This is pretty obvious: Rake the leaves.

• Hire an expert to clean and cover your pool towards the end of fall as you may not need it during winter.

• Inspect the roof for any damaged shingles and leaks in readiness for winter.

Maintaining Your Home’s Interiors All Year Around

Unlike your exteriors, your interiors need to be maintained at all times, every day if possible. This is because in case of any faulty indoor appliance, the danger is bigger than the one an outdoor appliance would pose. That said, do the following:

1. Weekly indoor maintenance

• Vacuum your carpets or dust-mop hardwood floors.

• Thoroughly clean your showerhead and bathtubs.

• Clean your appliances where possible.

• Unblock any blocked indoor air vent

• Check water heaters for leaks.

• Clean your kitchen sink disposal.

2. Monthly indoor maintenance

• Clean the furnace filter to ensure that it is working well.

• Ensure that your fire extinguisher equipment, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and the boilers are in the best condition.

• Polish your wood furniture.

• Fix any frayed cords and wires.

• Clean fireplace flues.

• Clean your window and door glasses.

• Clean your fireplace flues.

• Clean kitchen exhaust fan filter.

3. Other indoor maintenance practices around the year

• Organize your attic at least once a year and take out everything you don’t need anymore.

• Undertake a home makeover at least once in 18 months. Change the carpets, curtains, and any other outdated interior décor.

• Hire a professional plumbing company to check your boilers and other plumbing at least once in six months.

• Repair your HVAC systems.

• Thoroughly clean guest bathrooms at least once in 4 months even if no one has used them during that duration.