Joanna M. Pilatowicz is an adult’s coach, dancer, dance teacher, choreographer, author, abstract painter, and recording artist. She has lived in Poland, The Netherlands and currently resides in Germany.

Her master thesis, “Expansion Through Dance,” explored the concept of using dance as a healing media, positively influencing not only body, but mind and soul as well.

Life in the Netherlands inspired her to write her first short stories, in Polish language, hiding some of observed reality behind the veil of fantasy. As she says, “Passing the borders of reality, I would say I am entering the world of fantasy, dreamland, and paranormal; however it is all still connected to everyday life.”

In her new book, The Oracle II: Doubtful Rays of the Sun, Jasmin, a young artist seeks a brighter future in the Netherlands where she is just an Immigrant, but she is longing to be an Expat. Among the challenges of living abroad are both the mundane reality and the nightmares that accompany her at night. She dreams about a priestess Sarah from ancient Egypt, an Oracle, who as a result of her search for immortality, is cursed. Through astral travels, Jasmin watches how life on Earth was influenced by alien races. Sarah’s magic mirrors portray the origin of humankind where non-human beings rule the world. So-called gods look like mythological creatures – hybrids.

Jasmin’s self-doubt and low esteem do not allow her to believe that reincarnation exists or that she could exhibit psychic or telepathic abilities and lucid dream.

How could she believe in Ea – an engineer of a man, the Annunaki race, vampires, demons or angels belonging to myths and legends.  And above all that Sarah could be her, in an earlier life.