Members of British Girlguiding The Hague are now out and about again. So, whether it’s Rainbows, Brownies, Guides or Rangers you might catch sight of the girls undertaking jobs in the community, looking after the environment or just having fun.

As COVID-19 restrictions have lifted, British Girlguiding in The Hague is celebrating the return to face-to-face Guiding and the exciting prospect of having adventures indoors and outdoors together again. For many girls, it is months since they last met face to face, having enjoyed meetings together online.

Ready for the return to school in September, British Guiding continues to provide an invaluable role during this unprecedented time, supporting girls’ mental health and wellbeing as we recover from the pandemic. This support will help to build confidence and show the girls how to have fun as well as develop skills for their future-which has never been more needed.

Girlguiding continues to provide a blended offer as restrictions ease with indoor, outdoor and online Guiding opportunities, and make a difference to the lives of a new generation of girls and young women.

Like other youth sector charities, the pandemic has had a significant impact on Girlguiding. There’s been a dip in new membership, which is largely linked to a significant decrease in young members joining during the pandemic year.

Girlguiding relies on new members as well as volunteers to run local groups, and more new members are being encouraged to join and make a difference by supporting each other through an incredible range of activities. For more information visit

District Commissioner for The Hague, Cerys Pretty, said: “Girlguiding in The Hague is ready to welcome new girls, and new volunteers too, who are willing to help with Girlguiding here. As we know we have so many marvellous expat schools and organisations here in The Hague, and we all get to know each other at various events locally, often linked to the International Schools which enhance our local community.
“It is wonderful that we can now see a return to face to face Guiding after what has undoubtedly been a challenging year and a half. The impact the pandemic has had on all young people will not disappear overnight, British Girlguiding and other youth organisations have an important role to play in recovery as the children return to school, by continuing to support young people by providing a constant in their World.

“We also encourage adults to join the Girlguiding community as volunteers; the benefits of volunteering are fantastic – from meeting new people, to gaining skills and knowing that you are making a positive contribution to the lives of girls and young women, at a crucial time.

To register your daughter with your contact in The Hague, please email: