At twenty-five 25 stores, hotels and restaurants in The Hague you can now use the Too Good To Go app to pick up a portion of surplus food! The app wants to prevent food waste and ensure that food ends up on the plate instead of in the dustbin. In the app you buy with a discount up to 70% a Magic Box full of good food that would otherwise be thrown away.

The sustainable app is the world’s largest app against food waste and has been used since January in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam. From July you can also use it in The Hague to prevent food waste. Every year, a third of the food produced is wasted. And that is way too much!

Where can you save food?
In The Hague you can save food at Marqt, Foodmaker, Mercure Hotel and Sushi Time. “The concept is simple, both for the entrepreneur and for the users. The user can see on the map or in the list in the app which locations in his or her neighbourhood offer a Magic Box. The user then orders and pays in the app and collects his or her ‘Magic Box’ from the relevant location. What is in it depends on what is left over that day. Every order is therefore a surprise,” explains Joost Rietveld, manager of Too Good To Go Netherlands.

Since its launch, more than 10,000 meals have been rescued in the Netherlands in Amsterdam. The users of Too Good To Go have together saved more than 4.5 million meals worldwide.

The Too Good To Go app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play Store. More information is available on the Too Good To Go website HERE