Successful walk-in dentist concept  comes to The Hague

The Hague is one of the first cities in the Netherlands to  have its own dental emergency clinic. Since 15 June, with the opening  of Dental365  in the case of a dental problem patients  can be helped 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Other dental practices and specialists from the area when they themselves are unable to provide assistance can also refer their patients to Dental365. This may be outside of regular business hours, on weekends or during the holidays of a dentist, but also when a dentist cannot directly help a patient due other appointments. Dental365 is an innovative concept that was created by a group of dentists and specialists who found that there was insufficient dental emergency services. For more information see

Dr. Igor Schlaffman (co-founder of Dental365 The Hague)

Dental365 The Hague

The Hague  welcomes the first and only dental emergency clinic. On Wednesday, June 15th Dental365 opened its doors at the Mayor Hovylaan in The Hague. Dr. Igor Schlafman PHD, co-founder of Dental365 The Hague, explains: “In The Hague, it was almost sometimes very challenging to go to the dentist outside of office hours. For that reason we invented Dental365 with accessibility to dental care 24/7, also in the evenings, at night and on weekends. An international city like The Hague may not be left behind when it comes to emergency care, related service and availability.”

Dental365 an addition to ‘normal’ dental practices

Dental365 collaborates with dental practices and specialists to deal with the emergencies they cannot perform at that time. Anyone who needs immediate dental care can contact Dental365 without waiting for a dentist appointment. This is useful for tourists and expats but also for schools and fitness centers where frequent accidents occur. Dentist Dr. Dani Brener, of dental practice ‘Tandenfeest’ in The Hague, is happy with the arrival of Dental365: “Dental365 is a good alternative to the dental assistance we can provide themselves. With the arrival of Dental365 we never have to disappoint our patients and they will be helped in a reliable and professional manner.”

About Dental365

Dental365 is the first and only emergency dental clinic in The Hague. Dental365 is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day and collaborates with dental practices and specialists to handle emergencies immediately. The formula is based on the successful and affordable ‘walk-in dentist ‘ concept. For more information see