Staff will stop Wednesday in nine of the eleven hospitals in our region. Fun activities are held in the other two hospitals. The staff of the hospitals is on strike for a better collective labor agreement. Negotiations with the Dutch Association of Hospitals have been stuck since March. We list the consequences that this has for patients.

The staff of the hospitals in Leiden, Alphen aan den Rijn, Zoetermeer, Leiderdorp, Leidschendam and the four hospitals in The Hague are on strike. That does not mean that all care is flat: care for children, cancer patients or in life-threatening situations is guaranteed. For the rest, you can assume that you have been canceled if your appointment is canceled.


The acute care continues. Part of the scheduled appointments has already been canceled. Some departments are open as usual, but a Sunday service is run there. The Emergency Department is open. This means that you can go here after a referral by your doctor or by the GP station.

HMC Hospitals

Employees of the three Haaglanden Medical Center locations work on Sundays. This means that patients who have been admitted receive regular care. All patients whose appointment is canceled are canceled. Emergency care remains open and people who have to give birth can also go. Care for oncology patients will also continue.

Alrijne Hospitals

Care for emergency patients, oncology patients and children will continue as usual. Various departments run a Sunday service that means that the lying patients are just being cared for and people are being treated urgently. If the patient is not canceled about an existing appointment, then the appointment continues.

Reinier de Graaf

There will be no discontinuation in this hospital. All appointments continue. Fun activities are being held: patients and visitors are allowed to park for free, flowers and balloons are distributed, free CPR courses are given in the hall and staff from the operating rooms will help in the nursing wards.

Langeland Hospital

The Langeland Hospital also takes action, but emphasizes that all emergency care is guaranteed. According to a spokesperson, the hospital does not want to worry patients. In Zoetermeer, about half of the outpatient clinics will be on Sunday, so they will be closed, except for emergencies. Scheduled operations are postponed there.