MeG’s Livingstore has everything you need for interior home design – from a pot of paint or new curtains, to expert advice on the total refurbishing of your home. However, the owner of the shop, Mehtab Gencboyaci, better known as Meg, has something extra: a level of service that expats are accustomed to.


‘I offer advice on interior design, oversee the projects myself and make sure clients are happy with the quality and effect of the final product.’ But because she understands that everyone is busy, Meg visits clients whenever they have time rather than during normal work hours. ‘To give proper advice I have to visit clients in their home, and I do that whenever it is most convenient to them: evening, weekends, early mornings… I’m flexible so that they don’t have to take time off work.’

Owning this shop is more of a lifestyle than a job for Meg. She comes from an entrepreneurial family and so has the business aspect of running a store in her blood. Since the age of 11 she has wanted to own her own shop. ‘I really enjoy meeting people. I learn something about life each time I do a project.’

If you are a boutique you have to offer a distinctive product. And for Meg that is the quality of both the products and the craftsmanship she supplies, as well as the personalised service she offers. ‘I find it important that clients, at the end of the project, have the feeling that “this is my home, this is me”. To get there, I ask a lot of questions, maybe too many sometimes!’

To get in touch with Meg visit her shop, call or e-mail her.

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