What began as a stimulus for the economic downturn which started with the financial crisis in 2008, DIY home construction in The Hague can still count on growing popularity.

Joris Wijsmuller (Urban Development and Public Housing) is not surprised about the appeal of building your own home. ‘Many people find it an attractive idea to build their own home from the ground up or decide for themselves how they will plan and design their fixer-upper. People become more involved when it’s their own home and living area, also when they are part of a group building project. Allowing people to create their own design brings more variety in building styles. It is good that these advantages are now also available for people with a more limited budget.’

New locations

The Hague Municipal Executive has announced 3 new DIY building locations. A former school building on the Capadosestraat (Laak) has been slated to become a living complex with 20 apartments. At another location in Laak, on the Schlegelstraat, 3 apartments will become available for people who would like to fix them up. A lot will become free for 10 single-family homes on the Goudsmidsgaarde (Vrederust). These can be developed into a group DIY construction project.

DIY construction market

The so-called Zelfbouwmarkt was held in The Hague City Hall on 12 May. People interested in DIY home construction could get information on locations in The Hague, the Kavelwinkel, prices and the various forms of DIY construction.

Build your own dream house! Look for more information at www.ikbouwindenhaag.nl.

Source: www.thehague.com