Yesterday,  a week long  ‘Krocky bus’  tour started in The Hague region to give primary school pupils  at several  international schools   information about  the benefits of  properly brushing their teeth  so as to prevent braces. The name of the bus originates from the German cartoon ‘Krocky the crocodile’, who was called upon to inform children in a playful way about dental care.

On Monday,  primary  students from the International School in The Hague  listened carefully to  the ins and outs about brace prevention. There was also room for questions and afterwards all the students got to brush their teeth as well as dance in the fluorescent teeth disco  which  highlighted plaque on their teeth.

The  ‘Krocky bus’  has been  traveling around Germany for 30 year. Christina von Massow, a German orthodontist working at Smile Designer clinic  in The Hague took the initiative to bring the  ‘Krocky bus’ to the Netherlands.

The Krocky bus tour was set up by German Professor Hinz. He experienced that most children who needed a brace that  the cause was the use of thumbs at a very young age. This prompted the German Orthodontists Association to inform children about how to prevent the need for a brace. In my practice in The Hague, I noticed that young children often do not know how to properly maintain their teeth, hence the idea of ​​getting the bus to The Netherlands and informing children in a playful way!” said Christina von Massow.