City residents are often annoyed by limited parking, dog poop and rubbish on the street. The municipality has developed an approach to tackle these problems. The municipal enforcers in your city district are working to solve these problems on a daily basis. Help them to keep your neighbourhood safe and liveable.


Limited parking

Municipal enforcers are paying close attention to wrongly-parked vehicles. Garbage trucks and emergency service vehicles need to have sufficient space in order to pass through the streets. Their paths are often blocked by poorly parked cars. Waste containers often cannot be emptied because a car is parked in the trash collection spot.

The municipality is also examining the need and desire to create new parking spaces and to introduce paid parking in neighbourhoods which now have free parking.

Report dog poop

In The Hague you are obliged to clean up after your dog everywhere in the city and carry a ‘pooper scooper’ with you at all times. You can report dog poop on the street or a dog owner does not clean it up through Hondenpoep melden.

Reporting dog poop will not immediately lead to a cleaner street. However it will increase the chance that the enforcers will come to survey your street or neighbourhood and catch and fine the offenders. The enforcers regularly patrol the neighbourhoods, sometimes even in plain clothes.

Rubbish on the street

An increasing number of neighbourhoods now have underground rubbish containers. Municipal enforcers regularly spot rubbish left lying next to the recycling bins and underground rubbish containers. Often this is oversized household waste, which does not belong in these containers.

Bring oversized household rubbish to a garbage and recycling station free of charge or arrange for it to be collected for free. Make an appointment via the page Collection of oversized waste and garden waste.

In natural spots

The Hague is privileged to have beautiful parks and wildlife areas. Forerst rangers are also official municipal enforcers. They ensure that people treat the city’s natural spots with respect. The forest rangers also keep the green areas accessible to everyone and take action when cars drive illegally into the parks.

Dogs may roam freely only in free-run areas which are indicated by signs. The free-run areas (losloopgebieden) are shown on the Hondenkaart.

Broken and abandoned bicycles

You can report a broken or orphaned bicycle left in a public area. The municipality will ensure that it is tagged and eventually removed.

There is a difference between derelict bicycles and orphaned bicycles:

  • A derelict bicycle: a visibly broken or neglected bicycle. Enforcers can label them and have them picked up. If you see a broken bicycle, report it to the municipality.
  • Orphaned bicycle: a bicycle which is not visibly broken but has been abandoned on the street for some time. Bicycles which are in the way may be removed by the municipality only from designated spots where bicycles are allowed to be removed after a maximum period (weesfietsengebied). The bicycle will get a label stating that it will be removed unless the bicycle is moved to another spot before a certain date or time. If your bicycle was parked in 1 of these designated areas and you are unable to find it, go to the Bicycle Depot Haaglanden.

Keep reporting problems

You can help the municipal enforcers do their work in your city district by continuing to report any problems in public areas.