The Hague gemeente  iss considering   investing  money to make the route from Central Station to the Koekamp and the Haagse Bos more attractive. Under new plans the crossing from the Koekamp to the Haagse Bos behind the Malietoren building will be widened by 20 metres. The crossing from the station to the Koekamp will also be made more beautiful. The plans should  give this  important entry point to the city more  allure.

The Koekamp and the Haagse Bos together form a unique parkland, right in the middle of The Hague, which connects the centre with the National Park Hollandse Duinen. The A12 motorway cuts straight through this special scenery. Because of this many people have trouble finding the way to the city’s green areas. By creating an overpass by the Malietoren, a green connection zone will be created for pedestrians and cyclists.

One of the underlying ideas is to introduce more unity and connection in the area between The Hague’s Central Station and the Haagse Bos. By extending the overpass it will become possible to directly connect the cycle path along the Malieveld with the path through the Haagse Bos.  Alderman Revis commissioned the plans together with Staatsbosbeheer (State Forest Management) and a number of interested parties. Residents associations, property owners, people using the area and nature organisations all gave their input on the plans.

The public has until 12 October to comment on the plans (inspraak). Thereafter it will go to a vote in the Municipal Council.


Overpass by Malietoren
Overpass by Malietoren
Artist's impression of Koekamp by Malietoren
Artist’s impression of Koekamp by Malietoren