The parking problems  in  Scheveningen will be tackled this year. That said  Tom de Bruijn, Alderman traffic. “For many years, residents and entrepreneurs in Scheveningen have suffered from the many day tourists who park their cars in the residential areas instead of using the designated  car parks.”

“After consultation  with  residents,  the gemeente  has decided to implement pay parking in the Havenkwartier, Statenkwartier and  Geuzenkwartier  as of  30 November  2017.”   says De Bruijn. “This will put an end to the enormous parking  and  traffic problems  for residents and entrepreneurs in this neighbourhood.” 

These new regulations are  the first major recommendations  of the  traffic vision to be realized.

“Scheveningen is a great seaside resort where tourists like to come,” says the Alderman. “We encourage visitors as much as possible to come with public transport. For this reason,  this summer, we have even opened  a park and beach in the  Babylon building. But of course there are also visitors who prefer to come by car. We would like them to use the car parks. These regulations  should contribute to this.  Hereby,   I am meeting  the wishes of many residents. “

Garages cheaper than on the street

In order to ensure that visitors to Scheveningen really do use the garages, parking in the garages will be  cheaper than on the street. The price in the garages will be between €2.40 and €3 per hour, while street parking  will cost €3.50.  Except at the haven  where the maximum  hourly rate will remain the same  at   €1.70.