Last Wednesday, King Willem-Alexander opened  the new office of Eurojust, the European Union legal body, in The Hague.  

The new Eurojust building  is a joint project of the Municipality of The Hague, the Ministry of Security and Justice, the Central Government Real Estate Agency of the Dutch government, Heijmans and Eurojust.

It was designed by Mecanoo-Haskoning-DS and consists largely of glass panels. Eurojust’s new building has four hundred workplaces and accommodates national representatives of the 28 EU member states and three other states.

Eurojust was founded in 2002. It has the task of promoting and strengthening coordination and cooperation among national authorities in the fight against terrorism and serious cross-border crime affecting the European Union.

As a judicial centre of expertise, its goal is to support national authorities in bringing criminals quickly and efficiently to justice.

Photos: © Eurojust