Students from Delft University have won the World Solar Challenge in Australia for the seventh time after their solar-powered car crossed the finishing line in the early hours of Thursday morning, Dutch time.


The Nuon Solar Team took four days and six hours to complete the 3,000 km race, measuring speeds of up to 110 kph in full sunlight. In particular, days three and four were difficult, with rain and strong winds.

‘Nuna is so light and streamlined that we were able to reach high speeds using little energy,’ said team member Jasper Hemmes. ‘We were effectively sucked along by the wind, thanks to her aerodynamics.’

A good team of meteorologists also helped the team make the most of the sunshine when there was cloud cover. A second Dutch team, Solar Team Twente finished in fifth placey.

In the other competition, the cruiser class, the Stella Vie team from Eindhoven University are set to cross the finishing line in Adelaide on Friday in first place.


Source: Dutch students win 3,000 km solar-powered car race for seventh time