New stickers on all of The Hague’s 5,500 underground rubbish containers should prevent people from dumping their oversized waste next to the containers. Municipal enforcers who spot rubbish left lying next to the containers can track down offenders and give them a fine of € 140.


The municipality would like to rid the city streets of garbage bags. Since 2009 it has been placing more and more underground rubbish containers in various city neighbourhoods. These containers make it impossible for seagulls and other animals to tear open the garbage bags and leave litter strewn about on the street.

According to Deputy Mayor Boudewijn Revis (Public Space), the containers have already made the city considerably cleaner but there is still confusion about what is permitted in the containers. This can lead to people placing their oversized household rubbish next to the containers rather than bringing it to a garbage and recycling station free of charge or arranging for it to be collected for free.

A clear message

The new stickers on the flap door of these containers clearly explains in 2 simple images how people should use the container: ‘Afval in de container’ (what is allowed) and ‘Grofvuil?’ (a fine will be given to people who place their rubbish next to the container). Using the containers correctly should help make the city cleaner and more liveable.