Yesterday, Europe’s most awarded mobile paid parking app, EasyPark, announced it has expanded its services to include the Netherlands.  Since 2001, their   smart services have been helping drivers to find and pay for parking in close to 600 cities in 11 countries.


NL - Product 2


EasyPark is already available in Germany, Austria, France, Spain and Italy

EasyPark’s coverage will save Dutch motorists more time and effort when traveling abroad, eliminating the need to register for multiple parking services when using the EasyPark app across borders but also promises a superior user experience in general.

EasyPark is off to a strong start in the Netherlands already, with availability in more than 80 cities across the country  including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht and set to achieve 100% on-street coverage before end of this year.

Unlike the local competition, EasyPark is the only app that warns you if you forgot to stop the parking session, minimising the risk of accidentally overpaying, but drivers will discover more such smart features. Soon we will also take you to available space on-street, something no other app can offer.

Available for both Andriod and iOS devices, drivers in the Netherlands can download EasyPark from the App Store and Google Play Store, registration is free. EasyPark is available  in 12 different languages.

EasyPark’s vision is to create more livable cities, and to achieve this they  have developed a framework called Parking Excellence. That means helping motorists quickly find available parking spaces, remotely manage and pay for them, while also helping cities channel on-street parking pressure in congested areas towards off-street lots, maximising garage occupancy for parking operators without losing any of their own revenue.

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