Bezuidenhout will get 10 charging points for electric cars in street poles which guard trees against collisions. The municipality will be installing these so-called ‘Hagenaartjes’ (street poles) in March 2018 during a trial project.


More and more people are opting to drive an electric vehicle. This is good because the air quality benefits from electric-powered cars. But how do we ensure that the charging points do not take up too much parking space? The municipality is starting a trial project in Bezuidenhout with charging points in the ‘Hagenaartjes’. The idea was suggested by a resident who is working towards a sustainable neighbourhood.

Jacob Mosselstraat

The charging points are being placed in the Jacob Mosselstraat, on the odd-numbered side between the Juliana van Stolberglaan and the 2e Louise de Colignystraat.

The number of charging points in this part of the Jacob Mosselstraat will increase from 4 to 10. The charging points can be accessed from 20 parking spots. No parking spaces will be reserved for electric cars by the street poles. The expectation is that there will always be a parking spot and charging point available. After all there will be a large number of charging points in the street.

The existing charging points at the corner of the Jacob Mosselstraat/Juliana van Stolberglaan and Jacob Mosselstraat/2e Louise de Colignystraat and the corresponding parking spaces will not be in use during the trial period.


The trial will last until the end of October 2018. During this period the municipality will investigate:

  • how much use is made of the charging points
  • how the street poles work in practice
  • if drivers of electric vehicles can find enough free charging spots
  • what neighbourhood residents and other users think of the new method of charging.

If the results prove successful, the municipality intends to place more of the Hagenaartjes throughout the city.