The Municipality of The Hague opened a local integration project unique in the Netherlands called ‘t Haagse Huis in the Schilderswijk. Here people can get assistance with integrating and learning Dutch if they are not able to integrate in The Hague on their own. The pilot project ‘SamenHaags’ is an initiative of the Municipality of The Hague. Thousands of newcomers to The Hague will be able to get additional assistance in the coming years in order to become part of local society.


During the opening the first integration candidates were on hand to open the doors of ‘t Haagse Huis at ‘s-Gravenzandelaan 185 in The Hague together with Deputy Mayor Rabin Baldewsingh.

During a 40-week period participants not only voluntarily take language lessons and do social work but they can use an app to meet and make appointments with local people (‘Haagse Makkers’) who have registered for the programme. The combination of language lessons, social work and local contacts help new residents get used to the Dutch language and customs and help integration candidates find their way in the city and community.

SamenHaags is a programme in which the municipality is promoting integration and stronger cohesion in the city. The programme is being carried out in partnership with Stichting Vluchtelingenwerk and ROC Mondriaan.